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Around Santa Fe (Part VI – Finale)

We’ve been back to central Illinois a few weeks now and I am still smiling from our short visit to Santa Fe. Beautiful scenery and people, especially catching up with old friends. This post will more or less wrap up my images from around Santa Fe – all images in this final Santa Fe post are from in town, including most notably the famous Miraculous Staircase in the Loretto Chapel

I found this in a Santa Fe guidebook (both the guidebook and poem were written by Sharon Niederman) and it seemed appropriate:

Winter Twilight, Canyon Road

Do not say you will come back

When it is warmer

When you have time

When the light is better

When the galleries are open

When the chestnut trees are green

When a woman in red sits on the garden bench

When the blue gate is wide open

When the duende seizes you

When you are not obsessing

When you are not regretting

When you are not counting

Your losses

See the Hunger Moon scale the Sangres

Press the shutter. Now.

La Fonda Hotel - our home and a historical place

La Fonda Hotel – our home and a historical place