A view of my world in Central Illinois and places we go.


Maybe just a word about myself…I am a Civil Engineer by profession (some say there are no such things!). I’m actually a groundwater hydrologist, if that means anything to the average person – think water, wells, etc. and you start to get the picture. I am a member of the over-50 crowd and have recently joined the “retired community” (in late 2011). My wife told me I could not retire without “A Plan.” I agreed and this blog-site is part of that. I am an amateur photographer and want to expand my abilities. I enjoy capturing images and sharing them. I have provided numerous photos to friends and family and get much satisfaction seeing my work in their homes. I have a long way to go – just a brief time on Flickr and elsewhere (such as here on WordPress) lets me know that there are a lot of accomplished photographers out there. By the way, many of my images were made with an original Canon Rebel digital camera – no letters or suffixes on that, just a plain old Rebel – the kind that Andre Agassi used to sell. But I recently upgraded to a Canon 7D and a pro EF lens (24-70mm f2.8). I really like the camera and, boy, am reluctant to put any other lens on it – it is fantastic! So, hope you enjoy some of what you see…and let’s see if my work improves with time.

Ok, so much for that. Maybe a bit about Hill Street Blues. I live on a Hill Street (in Champaign, Illinois, USA about 2 hours south of Chicago on the great plains of the Midwest). It seemed an appropriate title – apologies to the TV show and I hope I am not in copyright violation. Also, I am not usually a sad person, so “blue” does not necessarily stand for my mental state. Just seemed catchy. And it’s a color I like – one of my favs.

Evening Blues, Pentwater Beach, Michigan

Evening Blues, Rural Urbana, Illinois

Evening Blues, San Querico in Collina, Italy

2 responses

  1. Diann Smith

    I am curious is you were in Pentwater this summer for the homecoming. I was doing a google search of Pentwater and I came across a picture of a lady on the beach with her 2 Goldens. we had our Goldens in Pentwater with us, walking down the street in Pentwater, and the lady had said how much my dogs looked like hers(the dogs on here do look VERY similar to my 2…she had said that you recently lost one of her dogs, and it made her cry when she saw our dogs…Thanks….


    September 5, 2012 at 1:33 PM

  2. Diann, We were not in Pentwater during homecoming this past summer. But your story sounds so very familiar…we lost our 2 goldens within one year of each other last February. We were fortunate to find another golden boy before our last one passed and they spent vacation on the beach together in 2011. This past summer (2012), we were down to the one, now a year old. He just loves the beach and we see our past boys in him. While I don’t think it was my wife that saw you, the similarity in our stories is fascinating. Goldens are the BEST!


    September 5, 2012 at 8:18 PM

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