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January Weekend Visit to Chicago

To celebrate a friend’s January birthday, we like to spend the weekend in Chicago, about 2 hours drive from our home in Champaign. If you don’t mind the weather, and it is often quite cold in Chicago in January, it’s a good time to go: post-Christmas sales abound and the city tends to be less crowded. And, hotels give good deals, especially our favorite, The Drake off North Michigan Avenue (i.e., the Magnificent Mile). We got a room overlooking Lake Short Drive and a portion of the lake itself. What a wonderful view, especially at night with a long exposure.


This particular weekend, the weather was overcast and threatening to snow. It gave the buildings an eerie look and lent itself to some black & white captures as well.


The John Hancock Bldg ascends into the clouds.


Chicago’s Water Tower and the John Hancock loom through the trees.


Two crows ponder the traffic from above Lake Shore Drive.


Empty docks will have to wait a while for spring.


Crowds constantly gather around The Bean; in this case, to watch skaters on the ice below.


I got a kick out of these folks posing for a selfie reflection.


Something a little abstract.


Ornaments on Michigan Ave., and if you look close, multiple selfies.


More “abstractedness.”


Saturday morning calm on the lake and before the traffic builds on LSD.


By Sunday morning, the mood has changed with a dusting of snow and growing winds.


Waves crashing on the revetments make for a very cold spray that can sometimes reach the northbound lanes of LSD.


Reflection of waves off the revetments meeting incoming waves at right angles make for some spectacular wave collisions.


Until we return to North Michigan Avenue, this will have to do!


Chicago Lakeshore Walking Tour

Kathy and I visited the big city last weekend. As it seems with our travels lately, she has work to do; I tag along and spend an open day wandering around wherever we happen to be taking photos. I love the Lake Michigan shoreline and, no doubt, the Chicago lakefront is spectacular. It was a clear day with bright blue skies and just enough clouds to make an interesting sky (you know I like clouds). Starting at “The Bean” (Cloud Gate, Millenium Park), I headed across Grant Park and Lakeshore Drive and then south past Adler Planetarium onto Northerly Island and then returned past the Art Institute and eventually back to the Palmer House. Crisp, though, with a wind out of the northwest making the walk back north very brisk. Glad to have gloves and ear muffs. And, because it was cold, it meant not many people out there with me. I like to be out there knowing that there are virtually millions of people within a few miles of where I am standing, yet I have this particular space all to myself. So, follow along on my photo tour. Click on an image and scroll through. Then, at the end, are several panoramic photos of the Bean and lakefront skyline.