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Mo’ Betta’ Blues (Part II)

Front entry, St. Helena's Church, Beaufort, SC


To continue the previous post about Savannah/Beaufort, I wouild be hard-pressed to leave Beaufort and NOT mention St. Helena’s Episcopal Church. If the homes around Beaufort could tell stories, I’m sure this church could provide books. The Church was established in 1712 as a colonial parish of the Church of England and one of its original parishioners was a signatory to the Declaration of Independence. Rather than me tell its history, click on the link and read the historical signpost.

Historical signpost for St. Helena's

Savannah and Beaufort (frankly, the whole region) is steeped in Revolutionary and Civil War History. A
visit to this area reminds me of all the American history I forgot from high school (Washington DC does that to me big-time!).

Mo’ Betta’ Blues, Savannah, GA (Part I)

We recently took a little Spring Break trip to Savannah, Georgia. Lovely time of year to go, although had we gone a week later, it would have been ideal – the difference between temps in the 60’s vs. in the 70’s and 80’s. Oh well, that’s one of those things you cannot plan for. We enjoyed ourselves anyway, immensely. Savannah is a beautiful city and has appeared in many films, now most famously in Eastwood’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Much of the movie centered on the Mercer House and, although we have been to Savannah several times, this was our first foray on a tour of the house. All I can say is, nice place (even if someone was killed in the front room – downstairs, on the left)! They do not allow photography indoors, so a photo from the front sidewalk will have to do (sorry about the blown-out sky).

The real charm of the Savannah area, besides the people and the food and a host of other things, is the Spanish moss hanging from the live oaks. It is well expressed in Savannah, but Beaufort (SC) has a similar, if not more graceful neighborhood charm. See what you think. No doubt, this street has the moss-thing goin’ on.

Spanish moss engulfs this street in Beaufort, SC