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Around Santa Fe (Part III)

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

One day while we were in Santa Fe, I joined my close friend Scott for a trip to the Tent Rocks National Monument located about 40 miles southwest of Santa Fe. I had read several tourist-related descriptions of this place, but nothing can prepare you for the actual visual impact of these towering ancient remnants of millions of years of wind and water erosion processes.

There are two trails in the publicly accessible portions of this park. Both are well marked. The lower trail is an easy, fairly level  approximate 1-mile loop that skirts the bottom of the looming plateaus. I knew the other trail went up through one of the slot canyons (the “canyon trail” – duh!), but again, was not prepared to see people at the top of this high plateau, 600+ feet above us looking out across the vast New Mexican landscape. Seeing several of those that had returned to the bottom, Scott and I decided that, “if they can do, so can we.” Armed with some water and our cameras, of course, we set out on what would be about a two-hour “hike” to cover roughly 3 miles (and 600 feet of elevation change up and then the 600-foot drop to return).

I’ll leave my images to tell at least part of the story. I also found that these landscapes lent themselves to black and white. Not sure if I should post both color and b/w versions…you let me know.

IMG_6965 copy

View from the parking lot

Top of the canyon

Top of the canyon

The path down

The path down


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