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Golden Light and Hunter’s Moon

Took a ride north of town this evening. The light was filtering through the clearing clouds and casting a beautiful golden light, made even more so when lighting the yellow-gold corn stubble left from recent combining. I knew the moon would be rising as well – tomorrow night is the official full moon, but tonight it was so nearly full that I think it passes on the “fullness” scale. So, look west to the setting sun and east for the rising moon. The first full moon after the last full moon (the Harvest Moon) is called the Hunter’s Moon. Tomorrow night promises to be clear and maybe I’ll go back out…

Most of my captions are self-explanatory, except the one entitled “A Tree for Harry.” I saw this tree and thought our of artist-friend Harry Breen and a recent photo safari we took together. He was interested in photographing fence rows and gnarled trees that he can work into future paintings. This one is certainly one he’ll like and maybe I’ll see it again in oil on canvas!

Waning Light

Waning Light

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