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Entries to CCCC Contest

After some frustration with the News-Gazette annual photo contest and with the intent to really work on improving my photography, I decided to join the Champaign County Camera Club (CCCC). Nice group of folks that I am just getting to know and, of course, we all have an interest in photography. By joining the CCCC I am no longer eligible to enter the N-G contest. No problem. There are many other contests out there and, honestly, it is less about the contests and more about gaining a critical eye and seeing lots of other images. Further, the CCCC has plenty of contests throughout the year and these provide an avenue to see how I compare AND to see if I am improving.

And so, the CCCC has an annual photo challenge with our neighboring camera club in Bloomington called the I-74 Challenge (Interstate 74 running between our two fair cities). This year’s Challenge theme is “monochrome” which for all intents and purposes is black and white (sepia and infrared would also qualify, I believe). Each member can submit up to 6 photos, from which the top 50 will be chosen for entry into the Challenge against Bloomington (also, at least one image from each participant will be selected). Judging to pick the 50 occurs on Monday night with the contest on Friday (May 10, my birthday!).

Another “rule” to the Challenge is that the photo must have been taken since the date of the previous Challenge (May 6, 2012). Unfortunately, a black and white photo I entered into an internal CCCC contest that took Honorable Mention is not eligible because it was taken on May 3, just a few days before the qualification date.

This is that image:The Barn On The Hill

Following are the six images I am entering. It will be interesting to see which one (or ones?) make it into the Challenge. There are some really good photographers in the Club with a great variety of subject preferences, although I’m guessing, like me, landscapes tend to be a favorite.

Vatican Door

Vatican Door (taken during our trip to Italy last summer)Natural Textures

Natural Textures (liked the variety here from the beans, to the corn, to the trees, to the clouds)

Illinois Sky

Illinois Sky (taken late last summer, near Mahomet)Harvest Light

Harvest Light (another from north of Mahomet, but later into fall/winter before any snow had fallen)

Pacific Coast Sunset

Pacific Coast Sunset (from last fall while in California, south of Long Beach while we waited for a table for dinner)Waiting for SunsetWaiting for Sunset (from last summer in Michigan – in this case the North Pier and Lighthouse in Ludington)

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