A view of my world in Central Illinois and places we go.

Post-Harvest Plowing

If you have read any of my recent blog entries, you’ve seen a number of images from a farm south of Jamaica that friend Harry has been commissioned to paint. The owner called late last week that after applying lime to his field, it was going to be plowed, not just with a disc, but mold-board plowed. As in deep plow. So, last Saturday, we drove out to observe the operation and, of course, take photos. The timing could not have been better. Just as we arrived, the fellow driving the tractor had to stop to refuel. This gave me an opportunity to photograph the plow, or actually all eight moldboards that he was pulling. The soil here, like much of central Illinois, is deep and rich, with very few stones, so the moldboards are polished and shine in the sun.

The plow in action and the white dust being raised is the lime being turned under.

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