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Another in a long line of great fires at the Kienerosa this past weekend, and after a roasting a pig to boot! Once again, kudos and thanks to Jacques for another brilliant pyrotechnical display. I know the day started out dismally – more typical of a late November day with rain/drizzle in the 30s…but as the evening progressed, the clouds crawled off, the stars came out, and the moon became visible as it slowly rose on the east. It was crisp, but the fire kept the cold off until the embers faded.

A few details: the major fire attraction was a hollow log cut from a tree on the property. These hollow tree “volcanoes” have become a trademark of Jacques’. Note the old globe that Martha donated to the “cause.” I like some of those images as the globe becomes engulfed in flame – perhaps it is apocrophal, what with the election coming this week. Oh, and the fire was aided on occasion by an accelerant (lamp oil!) and you can see the bottle (and the flames it creates) in one image.

[All photos, Canon 7D with 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens.]

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