A view of my world in Central Illinois and places we go.

Late Harvest

No doubt this summer has been cruel. The Midwest, especially, was caught in a pretty deep drought; some regions are still in its grip. A carryover to next summer could be more disastrous than this past. Here in central Illinois, the drought was followed by a cool, wet fall and a number of fields could not be harvested in a timely manner. This held especially true for a field we (artist friend Harry and I) have been visiting south of Jamaica (IL!) this fall, taking photos in anticipation of doing a painting for the owner – that is, Harry has been commissioned for the painting, not me!

This past week, we were alerted by the owner that they would be harvesting that day and we drove out to watch the harvest and take some photos to capture the light. Harry does not reproduce photographs in his paintings, but uses them to capture some landscape detail and especially the mood and light. Photography is all about “chasing the light” so I have found it an interesting endeavor, especially as this was our third visit to the location. I will say that each time we were lucky to have beautiful weather (otherwise we would not have gone!).

It was especially interesting to actually take the time to watch the harvest in action. It really is a bit of poetry in motion — the combining of the corn, the transfer of the corn to a traveling wagon in the field while continuing to pick, then transferring the corn to semi-trailer at the field edge for delivery to the elevator. I never appreciated the manner in which this is accomplished and one does not appreciate the size of the machinery involved until you are up close. No wonder these machines cost so much!

Here are a few images from the day. Click on the image to enlarge. [All photos taken with a Canon 7D with EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens.]

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