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A Visit to Washington D.C.

I had a great opportunity to visit Washington DC this past week. My wife was there on business, and I got to tag along and pretty much spend the days as I wished. As such I chose to spend most of it on the Mall. A friend that was with me, and had lived in the area about 20 years ago, had yet to see the WWII Memorial and neither of us had seen the latest addition to the area’s memorials, the Martin Luther King Memorial. Needless to say, we had wonderful weather and I would recommend seeing Washington in the fall. Summers in DC can be dreadfully hot (and humid). However, our mornings were nicely cool and although it did heat up a bit in the afternoons, shaded areas remained  pleasantly cool. So here are just a few images. The black and white images are from the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials, and were taken as part of a photo class with Washington Photo Safari with professional photographer David Luria. It was fun and I picked up a few tips.

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