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Rome, Evening Views along the Tiber River

I’ve recently returned from two weeks in Italy with my wife and eight friends. I’ve been going through over 2,000 images and trying to decide how best to present them in some coherent fashion. Not ALL of them, of course…

As I have done in the past, I am in the process of preparing a digital photo album. And, something new, now that I have a Facebook page, I have posted numerous photos there. But neither of these is generally available to the public, at least in the same way that a blog is, or at least, should be. So, I want to post several, many, a few, quite a few, not sure how many, images here in this and subsequent postings. I have seen many many bloggers post a photo or image of the day. I like the concept and if I were still on the trip, I might consider doing several postings in this way. But, that would take me a lonnng time to post numerous images now. I’m kind of new to this whole blogging thing and honestly have not acquired the blog-publishing acumen to present as slick a photo page as many photographers out there. Nevertheless, here goes. I’ll start with something new to me, a photo gallery. Click on a photo to enlarge it and then you can also click on forward and backward arrows to browse through the gallery. If this is successful, I expect I will post several more galleries of specific locations (e.g., Pompei, Paestum, Campo dei Fiori, Roman Forum, Capri, etc.).

What you will see here is a collection of photos taken one evening as Kathy and I walked along the Tiber River near our hotel, the Hotel Ponte Sisto (a great place by the way). The sun was setting and casting a nice light on the river. Great reflections of bridges in the water. And then, as the evening progressed, this wonderful cobalt blue sky with a full moon rising behind Bernini’s angelic statues on the Ponte Sant’Angelo. Behind us, down a long via, the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica dominates the skyline.

Ponte Sant’Angelo was built in the 2nd century to create an impressive approach to Hadrian’s mausoleum, now the Castel Sant’Angelo. Equally, if not more impressive, is to look westward after crossing Ponte Sant’Angelo to look up the Via della Conciliazione to see the imposing dome and columns of St. Peter’s. On the Ponte Sant’Angelo are 10 angels carved out of white marble (circa 1669). The angels were made by students of Bernini based on his drawings. Each angel represents an instrument of the martyrdom of Christ.

It was a beautiful, magical night. We returned to our hotel with weary feet and collapsed into bed, looking forward to our last day in Rome before returning home.


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