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The Arrival of Spring!

After a very mild winter, spring is coming on fast. It has been over a month now, but I actually played golf on a beautiful warm February 1. I can’t remember ever playing earlier in the year (unfortunately, I have not played since…mostly it seems because when we have a warm day, it has been extremely windy). Take today, for example. Temps in the low sixties, but wind in the 20-30 mph range with gusts over 40 mph. It’s great for generating a lot of litter in the yard from branches falling out of our sycamore trees, but not so great for golf. One beneficiary is Finn, who gets extra walks.

With the relatively fine weather, I have a great “itch” to take more photos (in Italian that would be something like, “mi piace fare fotograf”, or, “it pleases me to make photos”). I also subscribe to a weekly e-newsletter on photography that provides weekly photo challenges. This past week, the challenge was “Get Down” meaning to get low for a different perspective on everyday objects. With the approaching spring, I have seen a variety of flowers trying to make an early appearance. This has been especially true for the little spring favorites, the crocus. Our neighbors have a wonderful little patch of them and they became the subject of my challenge — because they are so small, one really needs to get down to get a good image. Here are some images:




This is the one I entered into the challenge. I especially like the repeated image of the crocus blurred in the background:


I like this next one, too, for the three in a row effect. I cropped this from a larger image.


I believe this is a snow drop? But maybe not…


The robins are arriving in flocks. Can’t wait for the tulips to bloom!

One response

  1. Never have crocus looked so beautiful! These are gorgeous, Al, and promise us that Spring is on the way!!


    March 7, 2012 at 6:55 PM

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