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A Visit to Allerton Park

I took the opportunity on a cold, but clearing day to visit Allerton Park, a locally famous piece of property donated to the University of Illinois by Robert Henry Allerton in 1946. The 1000+ acre estate contains a wide variety of landscapes (from meadow to forest to river bottomland) and includes a number of unique sculptures and formal gardens. As I was late getting out there and the sun was waning (and the park closes at sunset), I could not get out on the trails to see everything the park has to offer. But it also meant that I was basically alone. Please enjoy these few images, especially my friends that have moved away from this community and who I know have memories of this place. The image above is a view of the Allerton Park meadow with the Allerton House just visible on the left through the trees. For a map of the grounds, see this link: http://allerton.illinois.edu/docs/APARC_map_brochure_web_6-2010.pdf

I promise to return with more photos to follow.

First stop, the Sunsinger.

Approaching the Sunsinger

Sunsinger enjoying the clearing afternoon

Closer view

Gleaming in the sun now

A final view before heading back toward the main park entrance

The "Little House"

Planter detail - can't wait for spring to have something growing in it

The "big house", the Allerton House reflected in a frozen pond

Approaching a sculpture in the formal garden area

Sculpture close-up

Chinese musician

Chinese musician 2

Chinese musician 3

All the Chinese musicians along the path to the sunken garden

Finally, the formal garden entrance in a smoky haze

2 responses

  1. Beautiful photos of Allerton, Al! This is one of our favorite places to hike and run and just enjoy being outdoors. It is truly a treasure as Allerton is unlike any other park or natural area in the Midwest. Allerton is also a great place to bird – We have seen many Pilieated Woodpeckers there (one in the parking lot!), along with many other great sightings over the years. Your photo of the “big house” is absolutely gorgeous; I love the reflections from the pond. The final photo in the formal gardens is spectacular!


    January 25, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    • Thanks, Linda! I want to get back out there when I have more time and maybe with some snow on the ground (and with the boys, of course – although they are a handful when trying to concentrate on photography!). Speaking of woodpeckers, I scared up a small red-headed due along the road as I drove in and while standing in the meadow there was a raucous rapping in the woods that could only have been a woodpecker, possibly one of the Pileated variety.


      January 25, 2012 at 10:17 AM

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