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Looking Forward to Some R&R in Pentwater, MI

Kathy and the boys on the beach

We are heading up to Pentwater, Michigan next week for some well-deserved relaxation and recreation. I have been going up to Pentwater since I was very young (like 5 years old or so?), and this is almost like a home away from home. Cottage on the big lake (Lake Michigan). No TV. Beautiful sunsets and sandy beaches. A place for the dogs to really spend the day outside and get worn out. Hard to believe that only a year ago both Henry and Cooper seemed so healthy and since then, we’ve lost Coop (to hermangiosarcoma) and Henry is dealing with lymphoma (and doing well). We are happy to have Henry with us and it was our hope he would be able to go perhaps one last time. And now we’ve got a new guy, Finn, to learn the ropes of becoming a beach dog – he has some big shoes (er, paws) to fill and Henry will teach him by example.

Sunset cruise, cargo ship on Lake Michigan

Big Sable Lighthouse near Ludington

There will be many opportunities for photographs and that is the heart of my intended use of this blog. So, look for many images to appear here, probably not until after we return; internet access, like TV, is not an option where we will be. Nor is the cell phone. It is a great way to get away and not have to hear about the national debt ceiling or tea-partiers, etc. I can’t wait!

3 responses

  1. Dan H

    Hey Kathy we have 2 things in common, we have goldens actually I have 3 and we both have a summer house on lake Mi, I.m on the south beach looks like you might be on the north beach.


    December 5, 2013 at 2:19 AM

  2. Dan H

    actually it looks like you might be my neighbor a few cottages down when I zoom in on your photo, same cottages and boardwalks,i get the north and south beaches mixed up you and i are on the private side,we are about 16 cottages from the channel that goes to the little lake pentwater , my last name is Henderson if that rings a bell.


    December 5, 2013 at 2:33 AM

  3. Yes, we rent a cottage on the “south” beach in Garrison Park Association. You must be in Oceana Association. Our last name is Wehrmann; my aunt and uncle have owned a cottage there for years, now occupied by their children – my cousins. We have stayed at numerous cottages within the association – this past summer (2013) in the Raschbacher cottage which is next door to the one you see in the first photo above (which is the Matracia cottage). We have been going up there nearly every summer since I was a little boy. I have other posts featuring Pentwater – click on “Pentwater” in the categories list to see them all. Maybe we’ll see you up there next summer. -Al


    December 5, 2013 at 8:01 AM

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