A view of my world in Central Illinois and places we go.

Spring Comes to Central Illinois

And it is about time! It was a lonnnggg winter and it is great to feel the warm sun on my face. Flowers and trees are blooming everywhere and one can’t help but feel uplifted. Talked to our neighbor this morning and we both commented on the magnificence of the magnolia tree that is blooming between our houses. This is what I see when I come out our back door in the morning. We both agreed that it is a shame that the flowers are so short-lived (not to mention the mess that comes afterward).

But, enough of that kind of talk. I have temporarily changed the header of Hill Street Blues to show-off the back yard of a woman whose home I pass everyday on the way to work. She can afford a gardener and at this time of the year, it really shows. Plus it’s nice to have a full-size statue of a Chinese warrior. She has literally hundreds, probably thousands of tulip bulbs and they are all starting to pop. It is a wondrous sight (some day I must get to Holland).

Here’s another image of the Chinaman and one other from her yard. I will publish more as they come into full bloom. My photos hardly do it justice.



Like the magnolia, it seems a shame that tulips can’t bloom all summer long…but I guess that’s what makes them special. And so, to perpetuate the spring, I have several other images to share. These first ones are from around the corner, along a picket fence.

Finally, these are from a park along my route to and from work. Our city’s park district does an excellent job of planting bulbs and this profusion clearly catches your eye. I really liked the pattern of color and took these from a variety of angles and depth of field. I especially like the shallow depth of field providing a blur of color with just a few flowers in focus.

I’d best head off to bed and dream of flowers…

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