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Mo’ Betta’ Blues (Part III) – Paris Market

Ah, so you thought I was giving up on Savannah? Non. The Paris Market…in Savannah! My wife, she loooves it (ah, oui!) and I must say, it has a bit of Parisian charm.

Sign over the front door

Entry to "le market"

I could go on about Savannah, with dozens of more images and impressions. And, I will, on a later date. But for now, I thought I would take a little walk through this store. If only I could order a latte or cappucino while I take this virtual stroll around the place (the Market does, indeed, serve fine caffeinated beverages). The place can lead to sensory overload and it is best not to hurry through, lest one miss something. The Paris Market is located in downtown Savannah, not far from Paula Dean’s Lady and Sons restaurant, a couple blocks in the other direction from the Telfair Museum of Art, and a few blocks from the Ray Ellis Gallery.

There’s not much to say. So, I’ll let the images talk for me. Enjoy.

Umbrellas just waiting for a rainy day

Colorful collection of marbles

Talk to the hand(s)!

Vintage pins in the Paris Market

French country table setting, Paris Market

Vintage photos, Paris Market. Recognize anyone?

Brilliant blue butterflies, Paris Market

Can't be French without a little lavender

After all this, I have to go lie down…

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