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Hello WordPress!

OK, so this is my first post on WordPress.com. It has taken me a while to get here as WordPress is a bit more sophisticated than blogspot.com. So be it, that is why I came here. I wanted an improved look for the few words I express, but especially for the photos I hope to share. For those that are curious, you can visit my old blog-o-sphere at www.alstravelsandtravails.blogspot.com. Don’t know if I will continue posting there (doubtful), especially if I get the hang with WordPress. So far, so good.

Oh, if you happen to come upon this…the banner I have chosen, at least to start with (and it will likely change from time to time), is obviously from Washington, D.C. at Cherry Bloosom time. Which is about now or in a couple of weeks. A good time to visit. It is absolutely beautiful, especially if you are willing to get up early before the sidewalks are jammed with tourists. I am a tourist, so don’t get me wrong, but maybe not a typical one (I don’t think so) – after all how many tourists get up before the sun to take photos of the sunrise? Have you ever been on the Mall before the sun came up? I have. I was the only one standing beneath the Washington Monument when I took this photo (me and a National Parks guard, anyway). It was fun to have a whole area to yourself where, later, thousands of people will be crowding around, well I like it.

Capitol sunrise, viewed from the Washington Monument, March 2007.

This WordPress format is new to me, so these first posts are likely to look less than what I hope. For example, right now I am having trouble editing the photo (moving, enlarging, etc.), so bear with me (I’m talking to myself here!). I may try something different by adding another photo. This, again, from my 2007 visit to DC (was it that long ago?) with my wife – she was there for meetings; I got to tag along and do what I enjoy doing, taking photos without restriction; although a loving and patient companion, my wife can get understandably annoyed with my constant stopping to take photos.

Cherry Blossoms at sunrise at the Jefferson Memorial

I am starting to like this, the photos are much larger than on blogspot, at least in the editor. I will stop now and see what this looks like on the real deal. Still feeling clumsy with this and will have to investigate how to add tags, etc. But, before I leave, just another photo of the cherry blossoms:

Jefferson Memorial from the east Tidal Basin shoreline.

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