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Ludington Area Center for the Arts Photo Contest

Yesterday, I entered six photos into the above named photo contest. This is the 3rd year of what is expected to be an annual event and money from photo entries goes to the LACA. Below are the photos I entered. Here is the LACA web-site and on this page you can find a link to a photo gallery containing all entries: 

Evening Blues, taken on the beach below Garrison Park looking toward the Pentwater lighthouses:

Sun Drop, taken near Champaign as the sun emerged below the clouds: 

Taking Flight, taken on the Garrison Park beach early one morning as the deer became alarmed by someone coming down the stairs from farther up the beach.

Waiting for an Audience, taken in the empty outdoor auditorium of Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids:

Quicksilver on the North Breakwater, an afternoon of an amazing light show in Ludington:

Magic Light approaches Garrison Park Beach, taken near sunset on aforementioned beach:

There’s a lot of really good competition, so I have no expectations of winning anything. But, it makes me be critical of my own work and try to look at my images as through someone else’s eyes. I have other photos, but thought I would go largely with some that would be familiar to most of the audience (i.e., folks in the Ludington area) and having some feel for what I think the judges (Todd and Brad Reed) like. We will see.

2 responses

  1. Jan

    Al, all are glorious photos. My personal fave may be the last one. Cheers!


    January 20, 2011 at 4:12 PM

  2. Hey Jan, thanks. My cousin liked that one best as well. I'm holding out for Sun Drop and am also entering it in the News-Gazette's contest.


    January 21, 2011 at 1:39 PM

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