A view of my world in Central Illinois and places we go.

Fall Has Arrived

I forgot about some photos I took a couple of weeks ago, prior to last Halloween weekend. Before I head to Texas this week, I wanted to post these. The crops have been harvested and most of the trees have lost their leaves. The mighty oaks seem to hang on to theirs until the bitter end, and what majestic creations they are.

A magnificent oak on a bend in the road, south of Mahomet.
Same oak tree, only looking back from whence I came.
This barn is the same one I photographed earlier this summer, across a
green corn field with the sun shining down through a part in the clouds.
Look for my one of my first posts, dated July 16, 2010.
The sun sets beneath a bank of clouds, here from east of Monticello.

As the sun descends further, it sets the cloud bank on fire.
I turned around, only to come to the realization that a full moon has been
rising behind me. I continue taking pictures and move farther east to catch
the barn that resides atop what I call the “Monticello kame” something else
have photographed previously and posted on this blog. For a little more
effect, I have converted this image to black and white.
I don’t think this can be called the harvest moon –
it’s probably too late; so I’ll call it the post-harvest moon.
I’m sure to have some Texas photos to share. Maybe late next week…

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