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More from Michigan – Big Weather and Lighthouses

   Here it is October and I am still reminiscing about our summer vacation in Pentwater. Maybe it is the warm weather we have been having this fall that keeps me thinking about summer – it has indeed been a very pleasant September/October. That, and there were so many photos that I have not shared.

   First, I believe I alluded to some heavy weather in my previous post. The Friday before Labor Day was quite tumultuous with some of the highest wind and waves I have ever witnessed along the Lake. There are numerous images on flickr.com if one looks in the Group called “Great Lakes lighthouses“. It seems there must be a large number of contributors to this group that reside or vacation along that southeast coastline of Lake Michigan, from St. Joseph up to Manistee. I have contributed a few images to this group and I am posting several here. Those that are familiar with the Pentwater lighthouses should get a kick out of these. Those that are not, well, figure the red tower is probably about 30 feet or more tall, so while not all the waves were shooting that high there were enough to let you know there was a lot of power behind them (it took a fair amount of patience, and a lot of otherwise dull photos, to wait for a wave to do this; my guess is it takes a specific impact 
angle on the end of the pier to send 
the water up that way).

   And, of course, there were some crazies that just had to walk out there and photograph themselves being stupid. I was sorry to learn that there was a drowning up in Ludington over that weekend – I do not know the circumstances and will not speculate as to what happened, only that to be on or in the water under these conditions should only be done by experts (e.g., Coast Guard). You’ve got to respect Mother Nature!

  Despite all that, the light, wind, clouds, waves and everything combined can make for some dramatic picture-taking. These last two show a very forboding sky and, believe me, the wind was howling on the beach (witness Kathy under a jacket-hood in early September). It was a bit crazy, but we enjoyed it, we really did. It’s like an adventure every time you go out the door!

More to come…including more dog photos and sunsets, ah yes, the sunsets…

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