A view of my world in Central Illinois and places we go.

Travels – Southwest of Philo!

I am working on my technique for panoramic images – this one is stitched from 6 images, 2 horizontal panels of 3 images each. This gives more height to the final flattened image which I like better than a long skinny panoramic. This is a farm located southwest of Philo – I am looking northeast, but Philo is out of the image much farther north. Those that know where Kleiss Nursery was located – I was not too far from there.

I went a bit farther south, recalling a church spire I had seen on previous visits to the nursery. Sure enough, I found it, but did not get its name or affiliation – it is a very nice looking church literally out in the middle of nowhere. The photo on the right is a vertical pano stitched from 3 images.

Below is another pano, this one stitiched from 3 images and tends to be of the long, skinny variety. But, you can see how isolated the church is.

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