A view of my world in Central Illinois and places we go.

The "Monticello Kame"

This week I traveled southwest of Champaign toward Monticello, not quite all the way there, but nearly. If you have traveled “Monticello Road” that extends east-west from Route 45 just south of Willard Airport directly west to Monticello (in a straight a line as you’ll find common in Illinois), you will see a solitary hill with a solitary barn sitting on the top of it. This hill sits out in the middle of flat old east-central Illinois and is hard to miss, situated perhaps 1/2- to 1/4-mile north of Monticello Road and about 2 miles east of Monticello. This hill rises perhaps 50 feet (?) about the surrounding landscape and my geological friends tell me it is a glacial deposit called a “kame” – basically a plop of sand, gravel, and till left by a retreating glacier. I have always found this little bit of glacial history fascinating and have wanted to take photos of it for quite some time. I will return to photgraph it again as the seasons change. Right now, the beans and corn obfuscate the landscape and it does not seem nearly so imposing. Next time, I may have to approach it from the west, perhaps from the top of the moraine just east of Monticello (I’ll save that geologic discussion for another day).
And, once again, I could not resist attempting a panoramic vista.
As I returned to Champaign, I happened upon St. Boniface Catholic Church. I do not recall ever having seen it before and just goes to show you that after having lived in Champaign for over 30 years, there are many interesting places to see. As boring as some may feel that Illinois is, one can find such things right under our noses.

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