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Honorable Mentions

In talking with our dear neighbor, Andrea, she mentioned not having seen a couple of photos that I entered into the annual News-Gazette photo contest that won “Honorable Mention” in their respective categories. What this really means is that they weren’t good enough to take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. But, I had not won anything in several previous tries, so this was an improvement.

Both happened to have been taken in Paris last October on our 25th Anniversary trip. Most folks that have been there (and many that have not) will recognize the locations.

I got up relatively early one morning and walked down to the Seine below the Eiffel Tower for this image. Not many folks were out yet, and no one was down on this lower level. The light on the repeating arches of the bridge kind of draw you in and, because most people know the iconic form of the Eiffel Tower, there is no need to include the whole tower. I was hoping for a brighter sky, but the overcast nature lent a different mood.
This next photo was a favorite of mine from the very start. Kathy and I were walking across the courtyard in the Louvre when I spotted this photographer working with this Asian couple. I was just hoping to catch them in the air like their photographer was trying to do. He had them try this several times and I was lucky enough to capture this single image without being intrusive. This is certainly a wedding photo, although I am not sure if they are already married or if this is pre-nuptual. The color red is good luck in the Asian culture.
I have many, many more photos from this trip. If you really want to see them, you can go to a share-site I created on Shutterfly called The Best of Paris 2009.

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