A view of my world in Central Illinois and places we go.

A Great Sky!

In the world of photography, I’m told a cloudless sky is boring – it has no depth, no feeling. Whoever told me this is correct. There are occasions when cloudless skies are a good thing, like when you want to go to the beach, or maybe the golf course (as long as it is not 95 degrees with 95% humidity like it has been lately!). But clouds are a good thing for photos. They add depth, color, movement, light, and mood.

On my way home from work last evening, the western sky was lit up by a lowering sun and tremendous clouds, from what looked like leftovers from thunderstorms we had earlier in the day. Kathy was up in Chicago-land with our niece, Lydia, for a 17th birthday aunt/niece shopping trip. So, I felt no pressure to be home for the usual after-work, get something ready for dinner kind of thing (not that we eat early, but I was on my own). So, I zoomed home, let the boys out and fed them and then headed west on I-72 with my photo gear in the back seat. I had to hurry before the light was gone. Exiting at Rt. 47, I took a jog about a mile west and found a nice-looking barn at just the right spot. I started shooting and let the sun do its thing. Here are some results.
There is certainly something to be said about flat old Illinois – you can get really great skies if you’re ready for them.
This was such a rewarding evening to me; I’m sure I’ll be looking for a great sky again.

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