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Friday Office Visitors (and Recent View of our Back Yard)

This morning we had a couple of visitors to the office. They are undoubtedly youngsters, as I have seen as least one of their parents, or at least an older and MUCH larger version of these two. For those that don’t recognize these critters, they are groundhogs. Seems appropriate somehow that they have a burrow right outside our south door (by my office), as groundhogs do have an association with us groundwater types – just look at the logo for Mobile Drill!

Apparently, they roam the Water Survey grounds and have been seen rolling around with one another. They are not as cautious as their older, wiser parents and seemed content to just hang out and munch on whatever was handy. And, it was a very nice summer afternoon to just enjoy life.

They are kinda’ cute, but I’m not about to bring one home. Henry just wouldn’t understand.

The last photo is for the benefit of my brother-in-law, Jan. He has not been down to Champaign very much and his one overnight visit was last year (almost exactly, on June 13) for Lennie and Michael’s wedding – we hosted the reception in our back yard. It was a truly wonderful event which we enjoyed immensely and which we will always remember. In fact, here is a photo from that very event! Jan is standing up by the house in a white shirt behind Karen in the blue dress and if you look closely, you can see Lennie in her wedding gown along with Tym just off to the right, and my sister Lois farther on the right – Michael and best man Jack are already hitting the bar over on the left. This was taken before most of the guests had arrived and, clearly, the caterers (Michael’s) were putting on the final touches (they did a great job, by the way).

Anyway, back to the reason for this photo. About 2 weeks ago, when I went up to get Kathy on her return from Romania, Jan asked me if we had much going on plant-wise in our back yard. He could not remember what the yard looked like – that is, in terms of flowers, etc. So, Jan, I’ll just say we’re working on it! This gives me an idea for a future post – with “before and after” views of the back as it has changed and matured since we moved in (just 3 summers ago). More changes are destined to occur, some in the not-too-distant future…

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