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Paella Controversy and Recalling an Evening at "Los Gatos" in Madrid

OK, so now I have entered a discussion with Kathy (and others) about just how the paella in the previous post was prepared. Was it done with all ingredients together at one time, or were the ingredients done separately and then added together before final serving? I fall into the first category, while Kathy falls in the latter. However, look at this photo I recently downloaded from Kathy’s camera (it is actually a much better photo than any of mine with regard to “paella preparation”). In my humble opinion, it looks to me like everything is there in the pan all at one time…the rice will cook and absorb most of the liquid and somehow the seafood and chicken all work together in there. This is clearly not the way we do it at home (and the cook at TPWNN would probably tell you not to try this at home unless you are a professional!). However it is done, they know how to do it and have been doing it that way for a lonnnng time. And, it all comes together very nicely.

Another view of the paella in transition and the final product. Yummm – it is lunch hour and I’m hungry…

Now that Kathy is back and I have been able to download the photos we took on her camera, I have been reliving some of the other events of the trip that were not recorded on my “big” camera (a Canon EOS digital SLR vs her Canon Powershot). While there were a number of notable events, one of the most fun evenings was spent in a little tapas place called Los Gatos in Madrid. I am not prepared to show the video I recorded (yet) but am going to post a couple of photos. We ate a lot of food, had just a few beers, shared wonderful company, and got along wondrously with our waiter (who kept bringing plates of food – no more ham, please!). Our tip must have been very satisfactory, because he bought the whole table a round of drinks on our way out of the bar! Needless to say, we hung out on the street and enjoyed the ending evening before the long walk home (recalling that we took the Metro to Los Gatos and walked home).

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  1. Looking good, Al! I'd say you have a natural talent for the blog thing!


    June 23, 2010 at 3:49 PM

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