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My First Ever Post

OK, so I am new to this whole Blog thing. I thought I would give it a whirl and see where it leads. I also want to try it to post some photos. So, let’s see how it goes…

We just returned from a 10-day trip to Spain, organized through our local community college, Parkland College. We visited Madrid, Granada, and Nerja (along the Mediterranean coast). Day trips included Guadix (cave-like dwellings), Calahorra (Moorish castle), Avila (walled city), Segovia (cathedral and alcazar [fortress], oh, and aqueduct – how could I forget that), and Trevelez (high mountain village way up in the Sierra Nevadas). There is/was snow on the mountains still, viewable from Calahorra and Granada, not to mention Trevelez.

The company was wonderful – many of our closest friends were on the trip with us. The food was great. We really had a lot of fun, especially as the evenings wore into the wee hours – dinners in Spain are traditionally very late (certainly rarely before 9 pm) and although we swore when we left that we could not hold up such late nights, we fell into the late-night routine pretty readily. Who among us can forget Los Gatos in Madrid or the “place with no name” on down the beach from our hotel in Nerja? Those were some special nights…
So, let’s see hw we do with linking to my Spain photoset on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/15421875@N08/sets/72157624218422202/
And now, let’s see if I can actually post an image I think it is going to work! This is a photo of the Castilla de Calahorra and you can see the snow in the mountains behind. While the rest of our group walked up the hill to the castle, I chose to run (walk actually) down the highway and out into the field below so I could frame the castle in the montains. What you do not see is the main town just off to the left of the image – one gets the impression that this place is out in the middle of nowhere. Well, hate to spoil the impression, but it is not. I did enjoy watching the local sheep cross the road behind me (complete with shepherd and dogs) for a bit of local flavor (and smell).

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